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Cunningham Quality Painting has served customers for over 30 years. Powder coating is paint in powder form sprayed on parts electrostatically. It is more serviceable than wet paint. Various parts are put on a 1200-foot conveyor line, go through a five-stage washer, powder coated either manually, automatically, or both, go through 90-foot oven, cool on line, and then are taken off, inspected, and packed to return to customer. Parts vary from small inch size clips to frames for awnings or dragster frames. And other items such as casting, castings, bracket, brackets, patio, furniture, outside furniture, automotive components, awning extrusions, auto frames, motor cycle/frames, custom coating, enclosures, and military spec. The larger parts are coated in a 40x12x12 oven created especially for larger parts There is a wide variety of colors and paint types available. Each job is customized to match its unique need.


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